Success Stories

There are countless stories of needs being met, families becoming self-sufficient, and children truly experiencing a great childhood. Here are but a few...

Independent/Healthy Living

" really enjoy my home visits with Healthy Families. My child and I have benefitted GREATLY from participating. We learned to have healthy communication, eating, and bonding time with one another. Programs like Healthy Families are a WONDERFUL thing!"
- Anon
"These funds are critical to healthy family growth and a constant, reliable support system. It's vital to provide an avenue for families of ALL socioeconomic statuses to gain information and find resources for each stage of the parenting journey. Let's keep providing positive service and role models to start and keep families on the right track."
- Amy

Parent Education

"Thanks to Healthy Families I am a confident good mother to my two children. This program has helped me learn more about my children and myself. It helped me with every social connection needed whenever the need arose, something that I would not be able to do alone. And they did a lot more. Please keep funding for this program so other families can benefit from it's valuable service."
- Belinda


"Healthy Families has helped me so much. I have learned stuff you can't find anywhere else. From the visits and the activities, my daughter has grown so much. I hope you will keep the program available for other families to benefit from."
- Lindsay
"I think the program has made me more knowledgeable about her development. I would like the program to continue because I like the support and information I get each week."
- Kayla