Amy Faugas

Assistant Director

While her real title is as Assistant Director of Healthy Families America, Amy likes to think of herself as the curator of magical spreadsheets and champion of fun! Amy is a curious amalgamation (blend) of a person with a deep passion for justice, a love of extreme adventures, and an overenthusiastic approach to quantifying information. She also strives to create logical processes and communicate them clearly (and hopefully humorously) everywhere she goes! Although transitioning to the world of home visiting and social work was quite the twist, she must admit the past 5 years entrenched in HFA have also made her a better person. She now sneaks HFA reflective strategies into her everyday life—leaving her friends wondering how they end up dissecting their life experiences so thoroughly and so often. Amy lives in Chicago with her husband, and purposefully no pets or plants that she could accidentally kill. On the weekends you can find her studying at a local coffee shop, or on an adventure with friends.