Kathleen Strader

National Director

Healthy Families America (HFA) National Director Kathleen Strader, MSW, IMH-E®, has been involved with HFA since 1993. For 10 years, she led a county-wide, hospital-based HFA collaborative in metropolitan Detroit, where she still resides with her husband of over 30 years and her dogs, Wilson and Maverick, and with her three adult children all nearby. She became a nationally certified HFA trainer in 1998 and peer reviewer in 2000.

In 2003 Kathleen began working at the HFA national office, providing training and technical assistance support to HFA sites throughout the country. In her current position, she oversees all HFA operations and directs model implementation, including HFA’s best practice standards. She and her team are responsible for HFA affiliation and accreditation processes and training and research support to all local implementing sites and state/multi-site systems. She speaks nationally on a variety of topics and provides HFA representation to the federal Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program and the National Alliance of Home Visiting Models.