Healthy Families America - The Research

How much research has been done on the Healthy Families America home visiting model?

There have been more than 225 different studies conducted on the Healthy Families America home visiting model. The first studies were published in 1996.

HFA's most rigorous evidence comes from 19 publications of randomized control trials, comparing the positive changes for HFA families to a randomized control group of families who did not receive HFA services.

What does the research say about the positive impacts HFA home visiting has with families and in communities?

In February 2011, the United States Department of Health and Human Services named Healthy Families America as one of seven proven home visiting models. This distinction came after a thorough and transparent review of the home visiting research literature that looked at more than 250 home visiting models.

Today, the HFA model shows favorable impacts in all eight domains examined by HomVEE (Home Visiting Evidence of Effectiveness), including:

-         Increase in positive parenting practices

-         Reduction in Child Maltreatment

-         Improvement in Child Health

-         Improvement in Family Economic Self-Sufficiency

-         Reduction in Juvenile Delinquency, Family Violence, and Crime

-         Improvement in Maternal Health

-         Improvement in Child Development and School Readiness

-         Increase in Linkages and Referrals

Learn more about our Evidence of Effectiveness, the publications we cite within, or download our Evaluation Table.