GA-9 Informational Guide (HFAST)

Starting in 2018, the required data for accreditation includes the annual HFAST Site Profile Report. This Guide covers what sites need to know about this and other required data in HFAST.

HFAST User Manual

Healthy Families America Site Tracker (HFAST) can be accessed anywhere there is a secure connection to the internet. It is recommended that Internet Explorer 11 or a more recent version be used in accessing HFAST. Microsoft has discontinued support for Internet Explorer 8 (and older versions of Internet Explorer), which has led to the exclusion of IE8’s access to many secure sites, including HFAST. It is recommended that if you have Windows XP you should use Firefox or Google Chrome to access HFAST.

HFAST IT Sample Email

Do you need to convince your IT team to whitelist HFAST or the emails coming from HFAST?

HFAST for Peers

As a peer team, you’ll need to work together to finalize the SVR in HFAST.