ISHV Level 1 Field Integration Certification

ISHV Level 1 Field Integration Activities is the tool that will assist new staff who attend the Integrated Strategies for Home Visiting (ISHV) Core training to implement what they have learned during that week into practice. Staff will be able to earn additional certification for the completion of these activities. Please note that these are designed to be a service to you and your staff and are not required. At this time, accreditation has included these as a tip in the Best Practice Standards, as we do want to recognize the additional professional development accomplishments for staff who take the time and effort to complete these.

Here are the instructions for the materials. Again, ISHV level 1 Field Integration Activities is not required, so for those of you in state systems, you can determine whether these would be helpful for your state. It is important for us at the National Office to reinforce the parallel process. Therefore, you are a major component of the success of this professional development tool.


  1. Home visitors who choose to gain additional HFA ISHV Certification as part of their professional development plans, click on the link to download the Level 1 Field Integration Activities. The Activities include two sections; Section One is a brief review of the training content and Section Two is designed to offer opportunities for staff and supervisors to thoughtfully process how the Reflective Strategies are used.

  2. Once staff has completed section 1, supervisors should review the answers using their answer sheet (please contact Maritza Noriega for the answer sheet) so that the specifics of the answers are reinforced. It is estimated that staff can complete this section in an hour or two - it is OK to use their manuals along with their notes.

  3. Staff should then set up opportunities to practice the Reflective Strategies with you and complete the monthly grid (this needs to be submitted for certification along with the tracking form – “Field Integration: Reflective Practices”). It is estimated that this will take approximately 3 months or more depending on how these are structured for conversations in your program. There is no due date on our part.

  4. Supervisors will complete the Level 1 Field Integration Certificate Review Form and submit to Maritza Noriega along with the scanned “Field Integration: Reflective Practices” document found within the Activities, pages 8-14. Maritza will then issue your staff an addition certificate for completion of Level 1: Field Integration Activities.

We also hope the completion of this additional certification process will strengthen your knowledge of the use of the Reflective Strategies, Trauma Informed Practice, Brain Development, etc. 

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