Implementation Training

Implementation training is an opportunity to become intensely immersed in HFA, the expectations of the model, and the responsibilities of an HFA leader, all while developing relationships with National Office staff and a network of support from other program manager colleagues throughout the country. Participants will also receive an HFA Site Development Guide, newly updated, and access to other resources aimed at making a program manager's work a bit easier.

Those attending the training will:

  • Become familiar with the HFA mission, vision, goals and logic model,

  • Understand the benefits and processes of HFA affiliation and accreditation,

  • Learn the building blocks needed for program infrastructure, i.e., target population, staffing patterns, budgeting, community partnership and advisory group, Quality Improvement (QI) processes (process and outcome data, etc. ), and

  • Learn strategies for assuring quality implementation of the HFA Best Practice Standards

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