A Mother's Wish on Mother's Day

This blog was originally published at preventchildabuse.org

On Mother’s Day, we want to share you with a simple story. A story about a mother, her baby, and the great childhood that her baby deserves.

This Mother’s Day, what do you wish for the Moms and babies in your life? You probably wish that they’ll feel supported, loved, and thanked. But how do you make that wish come true? Thank the Moms in your life this weekend by doing something small, but helpful.

One example is bringing them a ready-to-bake meal, freeing up their time in the evening to spend more time with their children. Another way you could help is offer to babysit one night, giving Mom a much needed night of rest! If you have the time to spare, helping other parents free up their own time can be a huge help for an overburdened parent.

If you want to do something for a bunch of Moms at one time, Call your legislators and tell them that you support policies that support families. A great example of one of these policies is the Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) Program.

Maybe you don’t have the time today, but will in the future. In that case, do something later, such as holding a block party this summer for your neighborhood. Events like these can help families in build social connections among neighbors. This is especially helpful for single parents, and can reduce the isolation that they may feel in the community. The more people that that parents know, the more likely they are to reach out for help when they really need it.

The wishes from the mother in our video above are the kind of things that all parent want for their child. You can help answer that wish this Mother’s Day, and every day this year. Learn more on our Get Involved page and find out how you can play a role in creating the great childhoods that all children deserve (and that all Moms wish for).