The HFA model is based upon twelve research-based critical elements and is committed to demonstrating consistent service implementation and quality. 

To use the model sites must affiliate with the HFA National Office. Completion of the affiliation process reflects a community’s commitment to implementing HFA.   Therefore, all sites using the HFA model must successfully implement each of the twelve critical elements.

The importance of taking sufficient time to plan an HFA site cannot be overstated.  Recognizing that planning varies from community to community, a comprehensive planning process for HFA can take several months.  A well-planned program, involving key community stakeholders in the process, is much more likely to succeed over the long-term.  

The Signature HFA Model is supported by 2 adaptations, allowing sites to meet a wider range of families within their community.

3 ways to implement HFA

HFA Accelerated: Instead of serving families for a minimum of 3 years, the families in HFA Accelerated can move through the program and graduate at their own pace. Families are eligible for Accelerated services if they score as “low risk” on the initial assessment we complete with families. Everything else about the services they receive is the same.

HFA Child Welfare Adaptation: For families to be enrolled under the child welfare adaptation, the referral must come right from child welfare. Sites will need to get the referral and enroll families in services by the time the focus child is 24 months old. While families are enrolling later than families served by the Signature HFA model, everything else about the services they receive is the same.

Those who affiliate with the Signature HFA model will automatically be granted the ability to also use HFA Accelerated, if they choose. For new affiliates who wish to use the Child Welfare Adaptation, there are additional application questions you will need to answer as you get started.

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Affiliation/Accreditation Application

All agencies and systems interested in using the HFA model (including the HFA name, logo, service design, Best Practice Standards and training) must affiliate with the HFA National Office by completing the HFA Application for Affiliation.  

HFA national staff review the Affiliation Application.  A site granted affiliation with HFA is considered a Provisional HFA Site and permission is granted to use the “Healthy Families” name, logo and training. Once Provisional HFA Site affiliation is granted, PCA America provides written notification of the decision to the applicant site/system and local PCA America Chapter.  All provisional HFA sites are required to pay annual affiliation fees to the HFA National Office.

Sites are to begin the HFA Accreditation process by submitting an Accreditation Application at the end of the first year of site operation and scheduling a site visit to occur on or around the second anniversary of site operation.  Completion of HFA Accreditation is necessary by the third anniversary in order to maintain both affiliation with the HFA National Office and the right to use the Healthy Families America name, logo and training.

Technical Assistance

The HFA application process reflects a commitment on the part of the community applying for affiliation to implement the critical elements consistent with model expectations. Communities are encouraged to seek technical assistance from the National Implementation and Accreditation department throughout the planning process to ensure that the HFA critical elements are reflected in planning efforts. Planning assistance is also available from a variety of sources, such as HFA state leaders, HFA state trainers, existing HFA sites, local community experts, and local or state HFA partners. We encourage you to use these resources in developing an HFA site.  Sites will contact the HFA National Office at the earliest opportunity to discuss plans for HFA in your community.he

Staff Training

Once affiliated, Healthy Families America provides training and technical assistance to local communities implementing the HFA model.  

This begins with Implementation Training for site and state leaders. 

HFA role specific training for direct service staff and supervisors includes two 4-day training tracks for direct service staff with a fifth day developed specifically for supervisors and/or program managers.


There is a $500 Application Fee, payable to Prevent Child Abuse America to process the HFA Application for Affiliation. This fee is non-refundable.  Additionally, every HFA program is responsible for payment of an Annual Fee once affiliation is granted.