Training Webinars

Healthy Families America has recently released several training webinars – the Parent Survey Rating Tool,  the Family Goal Plan, Prenatal Home Visiting, CHEEERS, and How Best to Utilize Your Advisory Group.

It is recommended that supervisors have a follow-up conversation with their staff upon completion of each webinar to ensure understanding, answer any questions, and support in-the-field application of the concepts discussed.

In order to meet the expectation of Standard 11.5.C (for Family Goal Plan) and Standard 11-5.B (for Prenatal), the training completion date for these two webinars must be recorded on the individual's training log. Even though the CHEEERS webinar is not required, it will help with the implementation of the 6-3 Standards; if staff watch the CHEEERS webinar, also include it on the individual's training log. Please note that HFA is NOT issuing certificates for these webinars.

A note about the technology: All of the webinars have 'pause' capabilities, but the learner cannot 'stop' and later return to where they left off; so completion in a single sitting is encouraged.

Note: HFA will not issue completion certificates after you take any of these webinars.  However, HFA recommends that supervisors/program managers discuss the webinar(s) with staff and then staff should include completion dates/webinar name(s) to their Training Logs.

JUST ADDED! Parent Survey Rating Scale & Webinar  

This webinar highlights changes to the Parent Survey Rating Scale and training. Our goal is to have everyone in the HFA network using this newest version of the tool (formerly known as the Kempe Family Stress Checklist) so that we have consistency across all sites. In addition to the webinar linked above, the following resources are available:

Family Goal Plan Webinar
(Narrated by: Lynn Kosanovich, MA - HFA Regional Director of Training & Professional Development) 

The Family Goal Plan training module is approximately 30 minutes in length. Staff will also need to review the Handout Packet.

Other useful documents related to Family Goal Planning:

Prenatal Home Visiting Webinar
(Narrated by: Patti Torchia, MA, LCPC - HFA Regional Director of Training & Professional Development) 

The Prenatal Home Visiting training module is approximately 1.5 hours in length. Staff should print the Pre-Labor Conversations and Prenatal Home Visiting Resources handouts for future reference when completing the training module.

Other useful documents:

(Narrated by: Kate Whitaker MsEd IMH-E® (IV) - HFA National Director, Training & Professional Development) 

The CHEEERS training module is approximately 1 hour in length. Staff should print the CHEEERS Helpful Prompts and How to Develop Interventions using CHEEERS handouts for future reference when completing the training module.

How to Best Utilize your HFA Advisory Group
(Narrated by: Kathy Astin, MS – HFA Implementation and Accreditation Specialist and Tracie Lansing, LMSW – HFA Regional Director of Training and Professional Development)

In this brief webinar, we provide ideas and tips on creating and utilizing your HFA Advisory Group based upon the HFA Best Practice Standards. .

Here are two samples of HFA Advisory Group Bylaws and Agreements provided by our network in support of this webinar:

If you have any trouble accessing the webinar handouts, please contact Maritza Noriega.