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Get Adobe Acrobat To download Research Folder documents listed below, click on the document title. These documents are provided as Adobe PDF files and you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader program to access them. Program information is available at

How Are Healthy Families America Programs Funded?
Provides the primary federal and state funding sources used to support services provided through HFA programs.

Frequently Asked Funding Questions About Healthy Families America
Answers some common questions about costs associated with running HFA programs.

Characteristics of Effective Home Visitors
Describes the educational and experiential characteristics of HFA home visitors as well as the high quality training and ongoing supervision provided to ensure families get the services and support they need.

Healthy Families America: A Distinctive Approach to HV
Describes HFA's unique approach to providing services at the site, community, state and national levels.

Healthy Families America Achievements
Highlights HFA's accomplishments in the areas of political and financial support, training, capacity-building, quality assurance and research.

Why a State System is Critical: A Research Rationale
This one-page overview provides a justification for why state systems are important for sustainability and why funding to support infrastructure is critical.

Healthy Families America: A Program that Works
This executive summary describes how the program strengthens families and reduces the risk factors that contribute to child maltreatment.

Healthy Families America: Reduces Child Maltreatment
Highlights demonstrate how HFA is helping to prevent child abuse and neglect.

Healthy Families America: Helps Ensure Healthy Child Development
Describes how participating families are utilizing health insurance, reducing emergency room usage, accessing well-baby and prenatal care services.

Healthy Families America: Helps Ensure That Children Are Ready to Learn
Describes how parents learn to stimulate their baby and ensure they are screened for developmental delays.

Healthy Families America: Helps Families Promote Self-Sufficiency
Highlights the gains parents make in improving their educational and employment opportunities and in making decisions regarding family size.

Healthy Families America Promotes Positive Parenting
Describes how parents learn to cultivate a bond with their child, set appropriate expectations for their child's development and reduce parental stress.

Healthy Families America: Evaluation Information
Contains information on the various evaluations including the location, dates, and design of the study and reference information.