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Publications: Available to Download


Available to Download

HFA State Systems Scoop

Get Adobe Acrobat Below are links to Healthy Families America publications that are available to download free from our web site. These documents are provided as Adobe PDF files and you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader program to access them. Program information is available at

Types of Publications Available



HFA Impact Briefs
The HFA Impact Briefs highlight positive evaluation results from HFA studies across the nation. The series includes impacts on children, impacts on parents and families, and impacts at the community level. An overview of HFA and a list of studies are also available.

HFA Implementation Study (2004)
The HFA Implementation Study evaluates the effect of program, staff, and family characteristics on family retention, intensity of services, and staff turnover across approximately 90 HFA sites. Fact sheets highlighting findings from the study include:



Healthy Families America: Profile of Program Sites (2003)
This report presents findings from an annual survey of HFA sites. It captures information on size and source of program budgets, where programs are located, who programs are collaborating with, the types of families being served, and the educational and experiential level of service providers.


To download this document click here.


Research Folder (2002)
This leave behind informational advocacy folder containing twelve one-page fact sheets and overviews, is designed to provide the reader with quick, easy-to-read summaries of relevant research demonstrating the broad effectiveness of the Healthy Families America program. Included are materials related to positive outcomes in reducing child maltreatment, ensuring healthy child development, ensuring school readiness, promoting family self-sufficiency and positive parenting. An executive summary describes how the program strengthens families and reduces risk factors that contribute to child maltreatment. Additional documents highlight HFA as a distinctive approach to home visiting; summarize HFA achievements; and list HFA evaluation information and contacts.


Click here to access/download Research Folder contents.


Healthy Families America: State of State Systems Funding Results from the 2004 State Systems Survey Healthy Families America: State of State Systems Funding Results from the 2004 State Systems Survey
This presentation, prepared for the the HFA State Leader's Meeting in May, provides funding information collected from the 2004 HFA State Systems Survey. Federal, state and local funding information from the last three years is provided.

To download this document click here.

TANF Reauthorization: Recommendations and Implications for Healthy Families America TANF Reauthorization: Recommendations and Implications for Healthy Families America
With welfare reauthorization on the horizon this year, this guide is a helpful resource to programs receiving TANF funding. The guide summarizes pertinent issues that will be raised during the reauthorization debate and contains policy recommendations to be used in advocacy pursuits.

To download this document click here.



Healthy Families America State Systems Scoop was a newsletter created by PCA America in 2005.  To view these past issues click here.

State Systems Development

The State Systems Development Guide (2001)
Although created several years ago, this guide was developed to provide a clearinghouse of information and innovation to support and grow the HFA program across the country. This resource guide connects you to a variety of tools and resources that had been created to aid state systems development. In addition, the guide contains case studies of state successes in a variety of areas that contribute to the sustainability of the HFA program. Download below:


Creating a Framework for HFA State Leaders (2001)
This document provides a definition on the roles and responsibilities of HFA state leaders. It also provides broad guidelines to help state leaders implement and enhance various components of a state system. To download this document click here.

Site Development

Healthy Families America Site Development Guide (2000)
A comprehensive guidebook which provides detailed information on developing and implementing an HFA program. The Guide describes HFA and the Critical Elements and provides suggestions and examples on how to get started, design the program, create a budget and identify funding sources, provide program services, and evaluate and promote the program. Although created in 2000, it still has solid information that would be helpful to anyone considering implementing the HFA model.


What Makes Supervision Work: Recommendations from the Home Visiting Field (2006)
This publication documents the themes that emerged from focus groups with supervisors from five national home visiting programs. Presented in two parts, it addresses the needs of supervisors and the needs of home visitors. In addition there are questions for reflection and discussion that can be used with staff at meetings and/or training workshops.

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General Information

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