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HFA national office staff provide training and technical assistance to help communities implement the HFA model. The following training and technical assistance services are available:


Core Training: A required training for all direct service staff and their supervisors/program managers within six months of hire, core training instructs staff in their specific roles.

  • Assessment Core Training*

The Assessment Core Training is an in-depth, formalized training designed for staff whose primary role is to conduct initial assessments. It is also ideal for home visitors, who want to advance their communication skills to more confidently address difficult situations with families.  Four full days for the family assessment specialist, plus an additional fifth day for supervisors and program managers include topics such as, but not limited to:  identifying overburdened families, interviewing skills, conducting risk assessments, completing necessary paperwork and documentation, family-centered support services, communication skills, etc. 

  • Home Visitor Core Training *

Home Visitors Core Training is an in-depth, formalized training intended for home visitors of a Healthy Families America program.  Four full days for the home visitor, plus an additional fifth day for supervisors and program managers, the training outlines the specific duties of the home visitor in their role within Healthy Families America.  Topics include, but are not limited to: establishing and maintaining trust with families, goal setting, completing necessary paperwork/documentation, the role of the home visitor, communication skills, intervention strategies, etc.

Costs:   $5200 trainer fee per week of training plus all trainer travel and participant materials ranging from $40-$80 per person.  Trainings typically hold up to 12 (Assessment) or 16 (Home Visitor) trainees per session.


  • Advanced Supervisor Training

Building on the day of training for supervisors and program managers of HFA direct service staff positions (Family Assessment Specialists and Home Visitors), this training consists of three intensive days of in-person training, covering topics that include but are not limited to: the three types of supervision, quality management techniques, crisis management, case management and reflective practice. 

Costs:   $3800 trainer fee per training plus all trainer travel and participant materials at $40 per person.

HFA is now offering Regional Trainings around the country to assist sites in meeting their training needs- this now also includes Implementation Training!

  • ISHV Level 1 Field Integration Activities

ISHV Level 1 Field Integration Activities, the tool that will assist new staff who attend the Integrated Strategies for Home Visiting (ISHV) Core training to implement what they have learned during that week into practice. Staff will be able to earn additional certification for the completion of these activities. Please note that these are designed to be a service to you and your staff and are not required. At this time, accreditation has included these as a tip in the Best Practice Standards, as we do want to recognize the additional professional development accomplishments for staff who take the time and effort to complete these.

  • HFA Webinars

HFA Webinars- Healthy Families America has recently released three new training webinars the Family Goal Plan, the Prenatal and the CHEEERS. It is recommended that supervisors have a follow-up conversation with their staff upon completion of each webinar to ensure understanding, answer any questions, and support in-the-field application of the concepts discussed. In order to meet the expectation of Standard 11.5.C (for Family Goal Plan) and Standard 11-5.B (for Prenatal), the training completion date for these two webinars must be recorded on the individual's training log. Even though the CHEEERS webinar is not required, it will help with the implementation of the 6-3 Standards; if staff watch the CHEEERS webinar, also include it on the individual's training log. Please note that HFA is NOT issuing certificates for these webinars. A note about the technology: All of the webinars have 'pause' capabilities, but the learner cannot 'stop' and later return to where they left off; so completion in a single sitting is encouraged.

Wraparound Training: Wraparound training complements core training and covers the additional training topics necessary to support home visitation staff in their duties.  Twelve online self-paced modules are available to all program staff and provide 35 hours of training on  important topics such as:

  • Keeping babies healthy and safe;

  • Fostering infant and child development;

  • Addressing domestic violence;

  • Preventing child abuse;

  • Recognizing substance abuse;

  • Responding to relationship issues; and,

  • Promoting mental health. 

The Healthy Families America Learning Center website also helps staff and supervisors track successful course completion.  Additionally, Supervisors receive notice when staff are nearing due dates to ensure timely receipt as required by HFA best practice standards.  

Costs:   Free to all affiliated programs whose annual fees are paid.  Non-affiliated programs can purchase access to all 12 modules. The cost per users are as follows:

  • $150/person 1-99 users
  • $140/person 100-199 users
  • $130/person 200-299 users
  • $120/person 300+ users (a 20% discount)

On-site Technical Assistance: HFA program sites can benefit by enlisting the expertise of a national staff person who will provide individually tailored support during a variety of phases  (i.e. program planning, implementation, and evaluation).  HFA national staff are available to provide individual on-site technical assistance to programs at any time upon request. 

Costs:   $1250 fee per day, with a full day minimum, plus all related staff travel and materials. 

If you are interested in any of the above trainings and/or technical assistance options, please contact Kate Whitaker, HFA Training Director, at   National staff and space are limited, so plan ahead and secure your supportive services today! 

Find out more about HFA Training and Technical Assistance Costs.


* As an additional option, HFA offers a Train the Trainer mentoring process for sites wishing to build their infrastructure by training their own staff to deliver core trainings.  Admissions requirements into the mentoring process, along with costs and timelines of completion, are available by contacting the HFA Training Director at