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Healthy Families America, a program of PCA America, strives to provide all expectant and new parents with the opportunity to receive the education and support they need at the time their baby is born.

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Our 2016 National Conference will be held on October 17-20, 2016 in Cincinnati. If you'd like to be considered as a presenter, please see Call For Proposals: The National Conference for America's Children.

Our 2014 Annual Report is now available.

Need Training?

HFA is now offering Regional Core Trainings around the country to assist sites in meeting their training needs! HFA sites needing training for their staff can now register as soon as a new staff member is hired and be able to meet HFA Core training requirements, simply by registering! HFA now has an annual training calendar with ease of registration! While we have always provided training on-site in response to training requests, providing training regionally on a regular and consistent basis will make it much easier for sites to be sure their staff is well trained and prepared for their work with families.

And even greater news! Pricing for these trainings is simple and inclusive - it will be one easy fee that will cover all costs including manuals and print-ready materials. No trainer fees, no manual fees. The only additional costs involved would be travel for staff to attend. At this time, we have two payment options; (1) payment by credit card and (2) request for invoice.

  • Fees: 4-day Core training (Parent Survey for Community Outreach (aka PSCO/FAW/Assessment) and Integrated Strategies for Home Visiting (aka ISHV/FSW/Home Visiting):
    • $675 per person (Please note that both direct staff AND supervisors/program managers need to attend the 4-days in order to receive a certificate.)
  • Fees: 1-day Core training for Supervisors (PSCO & ISHV):
    • $215 per supervisor/program manager (This is an additional day that only supervisors/program managers need to attend in order to receive a certificate.)
Click here for the list of HFA Regional Trainings.

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